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Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

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This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
My Craft Studio allows you to create graphic projects adding and editing images. In the web page there are a lot of artwork packs and verses you can buy like oriental, spring, summer, fairies, flowers, etc; or use the free artwork packs to create awesome projects. The Welcome window allows you to create a new project in the desired orientation portrait or landscape, or select a recent project from the list.
The workspace of the main window contains five components: main menu, toolbar, image panel, canvas, and right hand panel. At the top is the main menu that contains the main program functions like open, save, print, etc., and toolbar with the icons: new portrait, new landscape, open, save, add artwork, add text, load verse, cut, copy, paste, print and print preview; the image panel is at the left, and contains the folder structure of your computer, and the thumbnails of the graphic elements contained in the selected folder; the canvas is at the center, and it is the working area where you build the composition to be printed; the right hand panel contains tools and controls for selected objects on the canvas: opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation; or for the whole canvas. To start a new project, click on the portrait or landscape button. To open a project click the open button or from the main menu select file - open. The canvas contains a margin around the edge of the paper that will not be printed, and in the printable area you can place image objects, text and verses (the parts lying in the margin will be cut off when printed). You can zoom in or zoom out the canvas. The templates allow you use a specific size of paper (available in the main menu). To add an image to the canvas select the location and use the mouse to drag the image from the thumbnails to the canvas; the formats allowed are jpg, bmp, png, and gif. To change the size of the image click first in the image and drag the handles at its corners; to move click and drag the image; to edit click on the image and select the desired effect. You can add text and verses to the project and you can change text color, font, size, etc. There are standard verses or you can create and save your own verses. The project files are saved with mcsp extension. The program is free to use. The artworks and verses packs have a cost.


  • You can add effects to the images.


  • Most of the artwok packs have a cost.

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